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Weber Pulse 1000

SKU: WEK81010024
Introducing the future of the classic barbecue experience. The Weber Pulse 1000 is ideal for city balconies and small backyards. You’ll never run out of fuel. Through iGrill’s settings and alerts, your Pulse barbecue will literally tell you when it’s ready to cook, and when your food is cooked just the way you like it. The Weber Pulse 1000’s high lid allows for larger cuts of meat like roasts and whole poultry to be barbecued with ease. With porcelain coated cast iron cooking grills and the power to cook at temperatures up to 300°C, the Pulse will impart a beautiful barbecue flavour in your food, as smoke circulates under the lid. Because the grills hold and conduct high heat evenly, you’ll have amazing sear marks and caramelisation on your favourite cuts of meat. This is the future of barbequing with the Pulse 1000 integrating with Weber iGrill smart technology. SKU: 81010024
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