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Masport President Walk Behind Mowers

Masport has a comprehensive range of lawn and garden equipment. Built to last, Masport brings over 100 years of manufacturing experience every lawnmower. For a quality innovative lawnmower that you can trust, choose a Masport.

Cleveland 18"

SKU: 552803
Sick of those lightweight hand mowers that are so light they skid over the grass without cutting it? Then the Masport Cleveland 460 Heavy Duty Hand Mower is the solution.
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Masport President 2000 AL S18

SKU: 565876
Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 140cc engine and featuring a premium heavy duty alloy chassis, this quality mower can mulch or catch and is suitable for the average suburban lawn.
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Masport President 550 ST S16.5 Combo

SKU: 565779
The Masport President 550 ST S16.5 Combo is a compact mower which is easy to use and great for smaller areas of lawn or harder to reach spots.
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Masport President® 1000 ST S18

SKU: 565715
Powered by Briggs & Stratton 140cc engine with a sturdy steel deck, this is a good quality cut and catch mower for small to medium sized lawns.
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Masport President® 1500 ST S19 Combo

SKU: 578905
Heavy duty steel chassis, great cut, mulch or catch mower. Value for money option for the home lawn.
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Masport President® 2000 AL S18

SKU: 578723
A quality cut and catch mower on a sturdy, non-rust alloy deck. Masport Quickcut® blade system with swingback feature.
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Masport President® 2000 AL S18 Integrated InStart®

SKU: 565796
This quality cut and catch mower features a premium non-rust aluminium deck and the new Briggs & Stratton 550ISI Integrated InStart® lithium-ion electric push button start engine that takes the guessing game out of starting your lawnmower.
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President® 2000ST S18 Combo SP Integrated InStart®

SKU: 565794
The new Ezi-Drive self propelled system together with the Briggs & Stratton 550ISI Integrated InStart® lithium-ion electric push button start engine. Just push the button, squeeze the handle and let the mower do the work.
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Masport President® 2000 ST S18 Ezi-Drive™ SP

SKU: 565812
Ezi-Drive® convenience. No pushing as the mower drives itself.
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Masport President® 2500 AL S18 Combo

SKU: 578724
Non rust chassis with durable steel flap. Handle Lift System for easy catcher access and storage.
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President® 3000 AL S18 Combo Mow N'Stow®

SKU: 578725
A combination of mowing performance and storage ease. With a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine, alloy chassis and an easy to use storage system this mower will work for a variety of people.
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Masport President® 3000 AL InStart®

SKU: 567791
Instart® lithium-ion battery technology. Our easiest starting engine-ever.
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Masport President® 3500 AL S18 Combo

SKU: 578726
Powerful 163cc OHV engine with an aluminium chassis that will catch or mulch. New engine technology with less oil changes.
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Masport President® 5000 AL S19 Combo IC

SKU: 564740
Mowers don’t get much better than this. Power, performance and lifelong durability.
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Masport President® 6000 AL 3'N1 IC

SKU: 565716
Upsize to a widecut and extra power with a Series 850 ReadyStart® engine. Rear discharge flap for mulching capability.
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Masport President® 6000 AL SPV 3'N1 IC

SKU: 564846
Our widest cut, self-propelled mower with variable ground speed. OHV Industrial Commercial engine with ‘Starting Promise™’ and a 4 year warranty.
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