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Weber Charcoal Range

The Weber Charcoal BBQ is a backyard barbecue icon. The premium charcoal kettle comes with a clever cleaning system and that class Weber charcoal barbecue flavour. For easy portability, spectacular flavour and memorable entertaining, try a Weber Charcoal barbecue.

Weber Smokey Jo

SKU: K10024
The Weber Smokey Jo is a mini version of the famous Weber kettle BBQ. It’s ideal for people on the move. This barbecue may look tiny, but it has nearly 1,000cm2 of cooking area making it perfect for two or three people.
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Weber Go-Anywhere

SKU: K121024
This portable charcoal BBQ provides the perfectly grilled steaks or satays over glowing charcoal. This is the ultimate in hibachi-style cooking, unlike traditional hibachis, the lid enables you to smoke fish and can also be angled to act as a windbreak.
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Weber Jumbo Joe

SKU: K1211724
Enjoy that classic mouth-watering Weber charcoal flavour anywhere: at the beach, while camping, at a picnic or at home. The Weber Jumbo Joe is the perfect blend of capacity and portability.
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57cm Compact Kettle Black

SKU: K61597
It’s time to barbecue. Experiment with simple dishes and barbecuing methods or jump right in with a recipe you’ve been craving to try. It’s only a matter of time before your Compact charcoal barbecue becomes a part of your everyday life.
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47cm Original Kettle Black

SKU: K1241324
Cheers to the Original Kettle – a barbecue that was made for every backyard and patio. For the memories created and ones soon to be made. Once the coals have burnt and dinner is served, clean the bowl with a quick wipe, and let the conversation flow.
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57cm Original Kettle Black

SKU: K1341524
Immerse yourself in the sound of crackling charcoal or briquettes and the smell of rich smoke. Stay true to the modern version of the kettle that started it all – the Original Kettle. Invented by Weber’s founder and loved around the world: this is the essence of charcoal barbecuing.
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57cm Original Premium Kettle Black

SKU: K14201024
Barbecue burgers, corn and all of your side dishes at once, over charcoal, on the spacious Original Kettle charcoal barbecue.
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57cm Master-Touch Kettle Black

SKU: K14801024
Explore the versatility of charcoal barbecuing with the Master-Touch charcoal grill.
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57cm Master-Touch Kettle Black Plus

SKU: K14901024
The all new Master-Touch Plus barbecues, roasts and smokes low and slow.
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57cm Performer Kettle Black with GBS SS Grill

SKU: K15301724
The Weber Performer Kettle is the perfect kettle barbecue for anyone who wants the convenience of a work surface and storage area but has limited space.
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57cm Performer Premium Kettle Black with GBS SS Grill

SKU: K15401724
The ultimate Weber kettle is the Performer Premium. The convenient work surface is made of painted metal and underneath is a pull out storage bin for items such as additional charcoal or smoking woods.
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93cm Ranch Kettle Black

SKU: K60020
A backyard full of friends, tables loaded with food and the smell of barbecue floating in the air. The enormous capacity of the Ranch Kettle charcoal barbecue sets the tone for a party that lasts until tomorrow.
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Summit Charcoal

SKU: K18301724
The peak of perfection, Your backyard won’t know what hit it.
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37cm Smokey Mountain Cooker

SKU: K711001
If you want to get serious about smoking, you’ll love the Weber 37cm Smokey Mountain Cooker.
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47cm Smokey Mountain Cooker

SKU: K721001
Do it for the love of classic barbecue. For tender meat falling off the bone. And the first savoury bite that makes taking it low and slow, in your Smokey Mountain Cooker, worth every moment.
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57cm Smokey Mountain Cooker

SKU: K731001
Slow down the pace and let the smell of barbecue fill the air. As friends start to trickle in, watch the anticipation of the crowd grow, as pulled pork and ribs smoke to perfection under the lid of the Smokey Mountain Cooker.
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